My Multimedia galleries are for fun creations that happen when I’m taking a break from drawing and painting!

Prints are available in a variety of sizes!
5 x 7      –  15.00
6 x 9      –  20.00
8 x 10    –  25.00
9 x 12    –  35.00
12 x 16  –  45.00

For quotes on sizes larger than 12 x 16, contact the artist directly.
(all sizes are reflected in inches.)

(within the contiguous united states)

Multimedia Prints!
I suppose the title covers this, does it not? 😉

Skeleton Boy –
Da Boy is a crazy character, full of wise-cracks and wisdom! Printed on beautiful matte paper, Skeleton Boy takes on a deep, rich, color and feel.

Here is a sample of Skeleton Boy, framed!
A scooped, black satin frame with a decorative, pewter liner frame, along with back and blue top mats, spaced 1/4″ from the bottom float mat: also black. The image is mounted on 1/4″ foam board and appears to “float” off the background mat. Very tasty!

WizBoy1Frmd2 Page Pic

Messages In A Bottle: Re-purposed/Re-cycled Art for the heart and soul! 😀

Each bottle is a unique, custom creation! Hand-done with specialty papers, paints, fibers and beads, every bottle includes a special message contained within a small, fabric bag, along with a stone, shell, or other talisman. Messages and talismans are intuited for each bottle and its particular creation or purpose!

Bottles are priced from 75.00 and up. Contact me directly for further information!

Since each bottle is a unique creation, please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery; also for variations in bottle style and/or adornments.

Want something special for a birthday or other occasion? Have a bottle sitting around that you’d like transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork? Contact me directly!
For example, I have an entire series based on every month of the year, done with the colors, symbols, and data that pertain to each month!

 Oct Bottle Example Page Pic

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