As a Sedona-based artist, I am blessed to live and create in one of the world’s most beautifully unique places. My pieces reflect what I love and the media in which I love to work.

I was born and raised in Wyoming, living there until I graduated from college; majoring in art, minoring in education. I’m grateful for my time in Wyoming, and I thank my parents for instilling in me a love and respect for nature at a young age. It still influences me in the work that I produce.

I love capturing moments in time: images or scenes that might otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted. Sometimes, this requires an exact representation; other times, I like to let my abstract nature come through, twisting reality a bit. I desire to give the viewer a way of seeing the beauty around them, even in the mundane, because at times, the most amazing images are right in front of us, we’ve just forgotten to look, to see, or perhaps to truly appreciate them. I can’t improve on God, but rather, do what I can to capture His beautiful creations, as a reminder to us all not to forget how special our world is.

Although I have my own style, I’ve been influenced by the Italian Renaissance artists and the masters of the Impressionistic period, as well as artists from the Hudson River School of Art. Such greats include Thomas Cole, along with Albert Bierstadt and Asher Durand.  DaVinci, Michelangelo, Degas, and Van Gogh are among my favorites of the Renaissance and Impressionistic periods. Intrigued by the play of light against dark (an Italian term referred to as, “Chiaroscuro”), along with soft, gradual nuancing, these characteristics are apparent in most of my fine art, as I strive for mastery of my craft. That said, I enjoy a good Escher, DuChamp or Dali as well.

Feeling passionate about the rescuing, adoption, and preservation of animals, much of my work is based on what I refer to as, “Little, fuzzy faces.”  I adore little, fuzzy faces; although, I have had birds – and an iguana – all rescued/adopted. My goal is to partner with various groups or individuals, bringing further awareness and funding to an already over-burdened, rescue/adoption system – perhaps through art for auctions, cards for sale, or some other, as-of-yet, unknown idea.

After college, I found myself living in suburban Detroit, working in a print gallery and doing freelance artwork. During that time, I learned a lot of valuable skills, not the least of which was custom matting and framing: an art all to its own. It became my work for 17 years. I came to understand and appreciate the absolute value of a beautifully framed piece of art. Framing can become an artistic extension of a piece, or it can ruin it; please, choose wisely.

Carla6joseIn addition to being an artist, I’m a musician (from an incredible family of musicians), holding the position of bassist/vocalist for the Neo Classic rock band, Element 115, as well as the Nashville-based band, Terranomaly. I also work with other musicians on independent projects, not the least of which is rockin’ for God as a worship leader.

I’ve studied, taught, and lectured in the field of philosophy, with emphasis in metaphysics, spirituality, and holistic nutrition. This allowed me to work on numerous projects involving others in similar fields.

All that said, none of it can compare to being a mom – the greatest gift and joy of my life! My son is a young man now; grown, married and on his own, but as all moms know – never really gone from our hearts and our thoughts. I love you, Jess!

Life is precious. Take care and enjoy each day…

Blessings to all who journey here,


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